A while back a car was in the garage for an MOT and a Service.  When it was driven in to the workshop the guys started making noises about the smell coming from the car.

“Whimps” I thought, “Just get on with the job and stop moaning!”
     But then tucked away in my back office, here at Field’s, the ‘smell’ started to permeate into my domain. “What is that smell?”  It was the most foul odour – ‘had the car come off a farmyard?’
     The smell seemed to reach every part of the garage and soon every one was protesting. Keith, our MOT tester, managed to do the test without passing out. Then Graeme, our old hand here, offered to service it, but first he was determined to work out ‘where that smell was coming from!’
     Much to our amazement the customer had made no mention.   Now some of us here have been working around cars for decades, we should have realised straight away.  Graeme soon rooted out the culprits…
Mice – a whole family of them! They had nested in the panel below the windscreen, bedding and a winters food supply (stolen dog food)!  They were there for the long haul!  It turned out that the car had been ‘laid up’ and had been driven to us to be put back on the road.
We had to do something to get them out though.
Not an easy task as they were scurrying around all over the ‘under bonnet’ area and the dash.  Mice can do no end of damage.  I have had them in my garage at times and seen what they can do.  In making a nest they can create havoc. We had a snooker table, ruined, where they had made holes in the green cloth and were nesting in the pockets! 
In cars they will nest behind the dash, in the heater ducts and we even found one in the heater fan once.  Some interior fans look like a hamster wheel.  Think they soon found out it wasn’t! Mice will chew through the wiring, which can cause major headaches as often you just can’t see the damage.  With modern electrics on cars, this is no small thing. Back to our family of mice, we sadly had to evict them from their home. 
Not at all easy to do, with some very intensive cleaning the car was soon smell free.  These are very cute fellas, but boy do they cause problems!
Safe Motoring this weekend
Mike Fields
01483 766634 [email protected] www.fields-carcentre.co.uk

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VW Polo - 1.0 (Yr 2014) - £7995

These cars really sell themselves, it is said once a VW owner always a VW owner. They tend to hold their value better than most, making them a sounder long term investment.

This Polo is in a stunning Bright Red Metallic.
It's size is deceptive, classed as a 'small hatchback' yet it has a generous boot space with a really spacious interior for a car of this size.
For 'young' would be learners this is probably the most sought after car I'm being asked about but it also fits the bill for anyone looking for a compact hatchback.
It's a pleasure to drive, low insurance grouping and economical to run.

This Polo model is stylish and eye catching. It was European 'Car of the Year' when it came out in 2010

If you need a compact 5 door hatchback then I highly recommend this to you.
This one has had one previous owner, prior to ourselves. Full service history it’s been cared for and look after since new. Mileage is aprox 32,000

*They have a full inspection by our technicians, are fully serviced and we provide a new MOT.
And you also get our own ‘exclusive’ Fields Car Centre warranty included.
Come down and have a drive out and get a feel for these great little cars.

Price : £7995
Call me on 01483 766634 or email [email protected]

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Mike Field
Field’s Car Centre
Goldsworth road, Woking, GU216LY
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We have some spaces for MOT, SERVICE and REPAIR work for second half of the week.

AC not working? We can look at that this week.

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WORKSHOP DAIRY NEXT WEEK.We have some spaces for MOT, SERVICE and REPAIR work for second half of the week.AC not working? We can look at that this week.Call 01483 766634 or book online.You can get a Service price now.
Just type in your registration.Go to: www.fields-carcentre.co.uk
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