The final part of our “Five things you need to check”

Now, I know some of you will be thinking…
“I will let my husband do these” or “I can’t be faffed to do it, I’d rather pay someone else to do!”
I want to encourage you by saying that they are really quite simple jobs to do, and as I have stressed these checks are really no big deal, it’s just a periodic check.

It’s just being sensible. Your car is a dangerous machine if not maintained properly, yes we play our part with servicing and doing the MOT for you but there is something about not being complacent and being in control. A little knowledge, as they say, goes a long way.





Washer Fluid


What I would suggest is that before you do any long run, do these 5 simple checks. It could save you a lot of potential inconvenience, hassle or even an accident. (I find that some people are really interested and others just glaze over and really aren’t bothered.)

If you are one of our lady customers you may be interested to know that we are running another of our ‘Ladies Nights’ in May. This is a great opportunity to come down and let us show you what we are referring to. Dates and info at the end of this e mail.

Brake Fluid and Antifreeze/Coolant

So, to the final two checks… and to be honest these are the ones, that if they do need attention you may need to pay us a visit! Both fluid levels are monitored by the cars’ warning system. That is to say, if the fluid level should drop, indicating a leak perhaps, then a warning light will show on the dash… you hope. That’s the theory. Of course ‘warning systems’ can malfunction or even ‘not work’!

“So why do I need to check the levels if the car has a warning system?”

Well firstly, we are asking you to open the bonnet to check oil levels and top up washer fluid, so whilst you are there you may as well cast your eye on two things. Remember what I said about warning systems sometimes not working, well this is playing it safe. They are easy and simple to check …. honestly!

As in these diagrams, most cars use a similar system. The brake fluid reservoir will have markings on the side showing min and max levels. Similarly the coolant bottle will have too.

The level should ideally be on max and certainly not near min. If it were then we would need to see what the reason was for this.

Brake Fluid is a hydraulic fluid used to operate the braking system. The level can sometimes drop a small amount as the brake linings wear down, this is normal and all that is required is a top up of the brake fluid. You can pass by here for us to do this for you or if you aren’t close by, pop into parts shop and ask for the correct fluid.
If it has dropped to the near the minimum mark this
could indicate a loss of fluid and could mean a leak that would put the car in a very vulnerable position.

Best get advice, call us, or if we are closed and you need immediate help, call your breakdown company.


For those confused between antifreeze and coolant, we are actually talking about the same thing. Engines need a coolant to ‘cool the engine down’. This coolant must have an antifreeze additive to stop it freezing in cold weather. Hence antifreeze is mixed with the water.
Should the coolant level drop slightly you can top it up with normal tap water. However, if you find it needs much more than a ‘top up’ we may need to check why. There may be a leak developing and if you have to ‘top up’ often with water the antifreeze strength will be diluted and not give the protection needed.

So, there we have it! Please remember if in doubt pass by here, we will happily check and top up. It’s all part of the service we give to look after you and your car.

So… here’s to keeping cool and slowing the pace down!

Have a great weekend
Mike Field.

PS: I mentioned earlier about our Ladies Night in May. Dates and information shown in picture…. well later in the year we are using this successful formula to open up the garage to New Drivers.

There is no age restriction, anyone of any age can come but specifically aimed at those who are new drivers or looking to learn to drive. No, it’s not a learn to drive course but an introduction for those new to car ownership. It will be an evening of demonstration as well as participation with an emphasis on fun too. Dates will follow soon.

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