Yuk! What is that?

March 29th 2021

It is, what we call a Cabin or Pollen Filter.

It is used to filter the air coming into you vehicle’s interior cabin (hence the name). And for us hay fever sufferers it filters out pollen from the air! (Hence the name) – so helpful with any breathing allergies.

Now you can see from this photo a new filter next to the one we removed at service. These filters are often neglected as they are (often) located, tucked away behind interior panels. Imagine the air this person was breathing

This is one of the items we check at service. Some need changing annually. Here you can see leaves and debris are blocking the filter, probably as a result of parking under a tree.

So another service item that deteriorates regardless of the car’s use and mileage.


March 26th

I spoke last week about the problems we are seeing, caused by lack of use when cars have been left idle during lockdown or home working.
This video takes you under a car to see what we are referring to.


19th March 2021.

A question we are being asked a lot now is:

“Do I need to have a service?”

Comments’ such as….

“I have been self isolating” “Working from home” “Hardly used my car this past year”

I don’t need to tell you ‘covid’ has upset the apple cart in terms of our regular life style and the routines of life. Take haircuts!
We are all so out of sync! Look at me?

So we are being asked do I need to have my Car serviced, when my use has been substantially reduced? An Mot is mandatory, but a service?

Here in the first of three short videos I explain why servicng is so important regardless of the mileage driven this past year.

For any advice on servicing do call or email us. We are here to help and here to advise.

We love to talk cars!

Safe motoring this weekend everyone!


Latest news from the Workshop: Expired Mot’s                     March 2021


‘People are dying’  March 2021

I thought I had made my last comments on Smart Motorways!

I am sorry to come back to this, but actually no I’m not.  This may well save a life.  I am not out to make a political comment or judgement as the facts speak for themselves.


People are dying on Smart Motorways… it could be you next.


It would seem at last the government is addressing this by reversing the roll out of the so called ‘dynamic hard shoulder’.

This is where, in times of heavy traffic the hard shoulder becomes a live lane, open to traffic.  Now I am all for anything that gets the traffic moving but not at the risk of a life.  You see, if you break down on a Smart Motorway and move to the hard shoulder, traffic is still using that lane until it is closed off.

Sensors and cameras are supposed to spot your stationary vehicle and so, using the overhead gantries close off the lane.





As this following article from the Telegraph shows, these Sensors/Cameras are just not in place.

Daily Telegraph:

HIGHWAYS England’s rollout of smart motorways was ‘entirely wrong’ and drivers still do not know how to use them, the Transport Secretary has said.

Grant Shapps said he was surprised to learn the Government-owned company in charge of the rollout failed to put the technology in place to spot stranded motorists in ‘live’ lanes.

He also suggested motorists had no idea what to do if they broke down in ‘live’ lanes, as they were introduced without a major information campaign.


The Cabinet minister told MP’s on the transport committee yesterday that he had ordered the scrapping of ‘dynamic’ hard shoulders… where they are switched to ‘lives lanes’ in heavy traffic… describing them as “insane”.

His comments are the most damning indictment yet on smart motorways by a serving government minister, and comes after The Daily Telegraph revealed how people were failing to reach emergency refuge areas or getting stranded on the inside ‘live lane’ before being fatally hit by other vehicles.

THE THINKING behind smart motorways, which are essentially a cheaper way to expand road capacity without building more lanes or more roads, can only work if the technology is in place.  To open up hard shoulders without the safety nets in place is madness, it’s criminal.

I have some sympathy for the recent case of a driver sent to prison for killing someone who had stopped on the hard shoulder.  I can’t help thinking that it could have been me in the broken down car or If I was the lorry driver, could I have stopped in time to have avoided this?

Be very careful guys on these motorways, It’s deadly.

We have been looking at age and medical conditions in relation to continuing to drive safely on our roads.

One point on this very subject I would make, is often our ability to continue to drive safely, is hampered by the ‘inability of some other road users to drive safely’!

Without singling out any age group, what cars they drive or what sex they may be! (I’m sure you can imagine the people I’m talking about here?)  They do come in all sorts – Speeding on residential roads, overtaking on such, tailgating, lane hugging, no indication…. the list goes on.  No wonder there is a growing cause of anxiety for drivers now.

As regards to age, this is not an easy subject.  For some of us it concerns elderly family members or it may be yourself reading this who has a concern.  We may not want to know about it but as I’ve said before it will be an issue one day for each of us.

So following on from a previous email where we looked at medical conditions that might effect our ability to continue driving.  Let’s look at how we can get our driving ability reassessed and also help with guidance in dealing with anxiety.

This is not just related to medical conditions.

Here at the garage I have spoken with a number of customers, of all ages, who have a real anxiety in regards to driving now.  If you are one of these, firstly we do understand this is a very real problem for some.  But there is help out there.  We have a customer who is involved with the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) that is a charity based organisation.  Chatting with him, I would recommend talking to them,  they will be sympathetic and understanding.

In this time of lockdown their services will be restricted, but essentially they offer advanced driving training but they also do observation assessments.  They can offer help and guidance for not only those concerned about their medical ability to continue to drive but also for those suffering from anxiety on the road. If this is you please visit their website. https://guildford-iam.org.uk/

The more I read on this subject the more I feel that maybe we could all do with a reassessment of our driving ability.  I think for many of us it was decades ago that we took our test, in much older cars, when roads were less busy and the pace of life was slower.  (Or am I just day dreaming and being too nostalgic?

Government advice:

The advice included below is from the Government/DVLA on having your ability assessed in relation to age/medical concerns. (Oh but the pictures are my addition – LOL)

How do I get my driving ability reassessed?

If you’ve developed a medical condition you may need to have your driving ability assessed.  You can either get assessed through a local driver assessment scheme such as the IAM or through a mobility centre.

Mobility Centre Driving Assessments

If your medical condition or disability makes it more difficult to drive, then a mobility centre can advise you on the best options for your particular circumstances.

How do I get an assessment with a mobility centre?

The DVLA can refer you (and pay for the assessment) if they have asked you to take it, but there can be a long wait.  It can be quicker to refer yourself but you will have to pay.  The cost varies depending on the centre.


What does the Mobility Centre assessment involve?

Mobility Centres have trained staff who can assess how your condition or disability affects your driving and look at what can help you to continue driving.  The driving ability assessment will include:-

Physical assessment to see if you can operate a car’s controls.

Cognitive assessment to check your thinking skills

Visual assessment to check your eyesight

On-road assessment in a dual controlled car

They can also advise on any car adaptations to see what may help you to continue to drive.


Not an easy subject this, but there is help out there.  With the current lock down restrictions some of what I have mentioned may not be possible, so best have a look on line.https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/older-drivers-deciding-when-stop-driving


Safe driving this weekend everyone


February 2021

Winter woes … Some useful advice.

You know the story, you’re running late, dash outside, slip on the ice, get up dust yourself down, to find not only are the door locks frozen, screen is frozen, wipers frozen to the screen and to top it all your fingers stick to whatever you touch!
Freezing weather can cause havoc with our early morning journeys or coming home at night. It’s tempting to do, as I saw a neighbour do once, boil a kettle and pour all over the screen. No, No, No! It will crack under the sudden temperature change.

I will give you a few tips to help but really the best advice is the Scouts motto – “Be Prepared!”
Now I speak as someone who does not do what he preaches and regrets it regularly.
So, place a purpose made car windscreen cover on the night before (available cheaply on Amazon), or use an old towel, blanket or even newspaper on the screen held in place by the wipers (this will also stop the rubbers freezing onto the screen too) or even shut the ends of the cover in the doors to keep in place. This has to be the simplest method.
But if you hadn’t covered your screen, de-icer helps and a good quality built ice scraper.


First problem can be … door locks frozen! – Spraying WD40 in them regularly will help prevent this. Spray the door latch too. Or use a lock de-icer for key entry or specialist tool.

Now with keyless cars spray de-icer around the edge of the door. Don’t force the handles, work on them slowly using de-icer. Hot water is not really a good idea as it will cool very quickly and refreeze all around.

Frozen windows – You may want to open your windows but be careful, the window runner mechanism and glass can all be frozen meaning that it won’t move, or like the wipers, the motor works but the mechanism stays put. Result… broken window regulator, glass becomes unattached or worse still the glass shatters. If you don’t need to open them, leave well alone!

Wipers frozen to the screen – Ok, your’e in the car and turn the engine on, if you have left the wipers ‘on’ the night before it’s trouble!

Every year we get people into the garage whose wipers no longer wipe! Usually, what has happened is they have gone to start the car with the wipers left on from the journey the night before. The rubber wiper blades have frozen to the screen and when the motor is turned on the wipers stay put! The linkage will work loose and even when the wiper has defrosted it won’t work anyway.

A simple solution, we can just re tighten the mechanism but it can be worse with bent linkage and wipers. So use the de-icer to free the rubber from the screen and gently pull away. Or what about this as an idea …. great use for those old socks!

Well, now the car is running but the screen is misted and frozen – The trouble with car heaters is they need to warm up and they stubbornly do it very slowly on cold days! We have the dilemma of sitting there polluting the air and wasting fuel, or as I confess in doing, foolishly driving off, windows frozen with only a small pill box of clear screen to look out of. Stay away from North Horsell on a cold day folks!

If you drive a Ford you can put on the heated front screen! Yes, in seconds this clears mist and ice. The rest of us have to wait for the car to warm up.
I cannot think of a more useful device for a car…. But “My heated front seats?” says my wife.

Mmmmm? one caught fire a while back…. mind you, that’s one way to defrost the car quickly!

Another tip is to put the Air Conditioning on. I hear someone say “But surely that’s cold air?” Yes, and it dehumidifies the air, it takes out the moisture, so demists the screen quicker. Use it with the heater on full.

Convertible Cars – Watch for the ‘Roof to Window’ freezing. Convertible windows ‘drop’ a small amount to allow the door to open without pulling on the glass. When you close the door the window moves up into the roof to seal. In freezing weather it may not do so, so be very careful when opening and closing. A spray of de-icer along the edges will help. Also it’s a good idea to lubricate the rubber seals with something like, Vaseline.

No de-icer? – A homemade solution of vinegar and water can help in scraping the ice off the windscreen. The acidity in vinegar will make the ice melt and allow you to use less effort to scrape the ice away.

The homemade vinegar/water solution can be mixed in a ‘mist style’ spray bottle, three parts vinegar to one part water.


January 2021


THE WEATHERS TURNED MUCH COLDER AND NOW SNOW! …..but it seems to me most of us were never taught how to drive in bad weather. We blame the Government, Councils and everyone else for not being prepared for the snow and yet if we were honest most of us make very little preparation ourselves for driving in such weather.

We may think we know it all but you know, as I prepared this email I realised how inexperienced we are in this country when ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘The Snowman’ hit town. I have learnt over the years and have been reminded how dangerous winter roads can be. Younger drivers may never have hit an ice patch or driven in snow, yet we let them drive off to the back and beyond with a cheery “Drive carefully dear!”
I was challenged, particularly about driving speeds in such weather. I realised how complacent and cocooned I could become in my ‘own little world’ in what becomes a very dangerous machine in bad weather.
So here’s our advice based on personal experience. (Oh so it was you, Mike, careering down Kettlewell Hill in Horsell when we last had snow?)


Do you know what to do in a skid?
Well, I don’t recall ever being told by my driving instructor (mind you back in 1978 I don’t think I had a proper driving lesson!) But with weather we have had these past years with ice and snow let me pass on some advice. You may need it.
So what would you do if your car went into a skid?
Well, speaking from experience, if you don’t know what to do you can make matters a whole lot worse! Firstly, it can be very frightening, losing control suddenly, even at a slow speed, so try not to panic.
As you feel yourself skid, lift your foot gently off the accelerator allowing the car to slow down smoothly and gently. If you need to continue driving then do so slowly using a high gear for better tyre grip and avoid hard acceleration which could cause the wheels to spin. This is when the fear hits you … wheels spinning and car veering out of control.
So now – Keep both hands on the steering wheel. Look where you want your car to go and keep looking there, even if your car starts to spin. Eye, hand coordination is incredibly important and incredibly powerful.
For a rear wheel or all wheel skid (in which your car starts to spin out of line) steer into the skid, which means steer to the same side that the back end of the car is sliding towards.
During a front wheel skid, straighten the steering wheel.

I have anti lock brakes – what do they do?
Modern cars have all sorts of devices to aid car safety. Anti lock brakes are one of these. Most cars these days have ABS (anti lock braking system) fitted. This is designed to stop
the brakes locking up, which can happen in a skid, or when braking hard and fast.
The advice as you brake is to then ‘stomp and steer!’ Remember that ABS is not there to help you stop sooner, it is a device that allows you to keep on steering whilst braking. If you feel the brake pedal pulsing or fluttering under your foot, whilst braking, this is a sign that the ABS is doing its job, it’s stopping the brakes from locking up.

Ice, Ice baby … We all know we should drive carefully when ice is apparent. Many cars have an ice warning symbol that alerts the driver when the temperature outside is freezing. Yes that’s it, the snowflake thing on the dash that ‘pings’ at you. But when the day has warmed up and the ice has melted it’s easy to get caught out on that patch not melted yet.
Black ice is formed when water on the road freezes, blending into the road surface colour of black. Hence ‘black ice’ ! It’s a nasty surprise as you can’t see it but you will know about it when suddenly the car feels more fluid, into a skid.

Driving through ice, snow, rain and fog? It goes without saying, drive slowly and carefully.


Finally, Stuck in Snow. First it’s embarrassing, especially when you are passed by a smiling neighbour in their shiny new 4×4. Well, its the time of the year they come into their own, so good on them!
You will know you are stuck when the wheels spin and you are going nowhere. If you carry on you will just make it worse!
So, get out and try to clear as much snow from around the wheels. If you don’t know whether your car is front or rear wheel drive then clear around them all! Now you will need something to help the tyres grip as they try to move. An old carpet, cat litter, leaves, anything your boy scout or girl guide training brings to mind. ‘Rock’ the car in gear forwards and back and hopefully it will ‘rock’ out and move!
Drive safely

Mike Field

PS: If you are concerned about your car in any way during the bad weather do call us for advice. Especially if you usually have your car serviced in the summer months. This can sometimes give one a feeling of unease and apprehension concerning your vehicles reliability in the winter months.

January 2021


You are aware, I’m sure, of how charities are really suffering right now with huge drops in revenue.

At Field’s we have supported different local charities and individuals over the years, including the Hospice.

Richard Field, one of the founders of Field’s Car Centre, is President of Woking Chamber of Commerce. He chooses a charity for the Chamber to support during his term of office.

Field’s staff wanted to get behind his choice. 

I am sure most of us will know someone who has needed the services of the Hospice. The Hospice relies upon donations for 80% of its funding so we are joining with Richard and the Chamber to help raise funds.

So this year we are giving £1.00 of every  Mot fee to the Hospice




At Field’s we have supported different local charities and individuals over the years, including the Hospice

Way back, before Covid!!   Aug 2020

Funny, I seem to find myself saying ‘before Covid’ or ‘after Covid’ in conversations!  I guess the times we have been through recently are going to have a defining effect on our lives.  Well, before Covid, back in early March I sent an email on the subject of ‘things we find on modern cars’ that often the owners don’t realise what they are, why they have them and what they do. This is part two…

** Five things worth knowing! – The last two!


We spoke last time of things that are coming as standard on vehicles that are really useful, not just gimmicky.  The first three were … Automatic light settings, Automatic wiper settings and Automatic hand brakes.  Number four is slightly different as it’s about ‘switching off’ a device!

  1. Switch off ‘Stop Start’

I have covered the new ‘Stop/Start’ systems before but to quickly recap… In order to reduce emissions (this is for climate control and health reasons) and fuel consumption, all new cars now shut off the engine when the car stops.

At a junction or when the traffic is at a standstill, it will shut off the engine, feels like it has stalled but as soon as you touch the accelerator pedal it springs back to life and off you go.  It is very efficient.   It is pretty much a must now, fitted to all new cars to meet the increasingly more stringent standards for emissions and fuel consumption.

However there is a concern with these systems, as I will share.  It is something I have encountered, which means knowing that you are able to switch this ‘Stop/Start’ off is important.

Where you can get into trouble with ‘Stop/Start’ is when you need to pull away, just as it kicks in, or OFF I should say.

Example:  I turn off Shores Road into Grange Road regularly.  Shores Road runs to the six crossroads from Horsell and Chobham, so it’s busy with traffic going 50mph plus.  Turning off the road means coming to a stop as you wait for a gap in the traffic. Now what often happens as I’m indicating right and slowing to turn, a kindly driver coming in the opposite direction, motions for me to go ahead and turn, (flashes his lights, slows right down) BUT just as he does, the engine stops! The ‘Stop/Start’ has kicked in.  You look like you have hesitated, he thinks so too, you curse the car as you stumble to react to enable a restart, maybe you fiddle with the key when all you need is to remain calm and touch the accelerator.  But this all happens in a split second yet it feels like ages.  In the meantime you miss your opening in the traffic as he drives on and you risk an accident if you proceed.


Not straightforward is it?  ‘Stop/Start’ maybe good for the environment and your wallet but for road safety??  I’m not so sure.  We may need to rethink this.

  1. My last one (for now!) of ‘worth knowing is ‘Folding Mirrors’

Why doesn’t every car come with this as standard?  I mentioned that manufacturers skimp on items and this is an example of a classic one.  If you have ever had to pay out for a


new mirror assembly you will understand why I raise this one.   These can be hundreds of £’s to replace.  The glass alone can be £50 plus.  Mirrors can have indicator units, sensors, heated glass, even cameras as well as all the electrics.  So having a facility to turn the mirror inwards can save you a hefty bill.  Mirrors have got so large over time that they are easily broken.

Some vehicles have the facility to switch them inwards manually (bit naff!), others like the Fiesta we have here, ‘closes’ automatically as soon as the engine is switched off.

What you really want is to be able to do is have them turn in when you park up but also to be able to do this manually.  Coming to the garage from Woking past the ‘Royal’ Pizza Express you have one of those ‘tight for two lanes of traffic’.


With parked cars, the two lanes can pass but its really close and to be able to close the side mirrors, when in motion, could stop this happening!!


I would point out that some who are reading this may not realise that they have this facility already.  It’s not always obvious on the switch so look for a symbol as in the photo, bottom left on the knob.

It looks different on some makes, so check the handbook or as we say ‘Come on down’ and we will show you.


I know I have said this before, and I will keep saying it …. We are here for you… not just at service and MOT time.

We are here all year to answer any questions, however simple they sound.  Help with controls, advice on what things do and how to check and top up levels etc.

Cars are evolving at a frightening pace and so what was true on ‘yesterday’s car’ may not be so now on your new one.

So ask away!  Besides the guys at Field’s ‘Love to talk cars’.

Have a great weekend and watch that stop/start.

Mike Field


** For every MOT we will give £5.00 to the Hospice

July 2020

During the month of June we decided to donate £5.00 from every MOT fee

Many businesses have been suffering from the effects of Covid, we have been open for the most part during this time.  We are so grateful that our workload has held up better than we feared, in fact MOT’s in June exceeded our expectation.  Despite the confusion over MOT extensions, nearly all of our customers are having their MOT as normal*

For charities it is a different story, so we want to continue our support for the Hospice in July. So if your MOT is due in July (or in August, you can have it done 30 days early), book in now and we will donate £5.00 to the Hospice.

I’m sure you are aware of how charities are suffering right now with huge drops in revenue.  I’m sure most of you will know of someone who has had need of their exceptional care.  We have had close friends who have spent their last days there.  The value of the service they provide is immeasurable.  Yet the Hospice relies on donations for 80% of its running costs!

So by having your vehicle MOT’d by Field’s this month, you not only have a vital safety inspection but support Woking Hospice too.

* MOT update

There has been a lot of confusion over the Government’s extensionto MOT dates. So to try to put it simply…

* Most expiry dates were being extended by 6 months over lockdown, although most people we have found still wanted to have their car tested as normal.

* From August 1st this is rescinded.  So if your MOT expires after August 1st there is NO EXTENSION.  You must have it tested as normal.

* This does not effect any extensions already granted.  They remain in place.

Still confused?  Well one of the issues is you do not get any communication from the DVLA on this.  They consider it your responsibility to fathom it out! So if any doubt, please call us and we can check your expiry date or go to:


Have a great weekend

Mike Field


More Advice on your Air Con and for Hay Fever sufferers too!

July 2020

It’s been so hot in the garage this week as I am sure you can imagine.  The lads are moaning something about – “Rather be at the Bridge Barn with a pint… if it was open!”

I think we would all rather do that I guess – but work has to go on!!

Don’t you just love and hate our climate at the same time?  One week grey, gloom and clouds and now it’s too hot … and humid!  We moan when it’s too hot and then moan when it’s too cold.  Well … I do anyway.

It’s in weather like this when people really appreciate their air conditioning, so some timely advice on this, often a neglected part of your car.

AC Advice

My favourite subject!  I love air conditioning!  Can’t get enough of it – I would have it on all year round!  My kids used to complain – “The car’s too cold dad!”

“Well”, I respond, “Put on another jumper then!”  Ahhh chilled air, I love it!  Maybe it’s my American ties, they love it, they have air conditioning everywhere and in everything – but then their summers are one big heatwave!

This week your Air Con could be working overtime folks … so here’s a few tips on its use to ensure you get the best out of it.

1)     Keep all windows and sunroofs closed

If you have your Air Con on remember it can’t cool the whole of Woking, so keep the windows shut.  The system cannot work efficiently if it’s fighting wafts of hot air coming in all directions.

2)     Use the recirculate button!

I have met a number of people who don’t know what this button does.  I suppose it’s not obvious, so simply… When it is ‘on’ it basically shuts off the air coming into the cabin.  This means the air inside the car is ‘recycled’.  So you are not continually cooling ‘hot air’ in the summer or conversely in the winter you are not heating ‘cold air’ up all the time.  The plus side of this is the Air Con does not have to work overtime to keep the temperature down or the reverse for the heater in the winter.

The down side is the air can get ‘stuffy’.  On the motorway or on a long run you may prefer to switch this off to get fresher air in.  But again, if stuck in traffic, by having the recirculate button ‘on’ it will prevent the nasty fumes and smells from coming in.

Another tip, when your car has been parked in direct sun and so boiling hot inside.  Switch the Air Con on and press the RC button on, this will speed up the cooling of the interior. Then as your ride progresses switch off the RC button and allow the fresher air in.

3)     If your car feels ‘stuffy’ inside.

It may be that the ‘cabin filter’ is old or worst, blocked,(We once found a mouse nesting in one!)  This filter is used for filtering the air coming into the car through the ventilation system.  It is often referred to as a ‘Pollen Filter’- yes you guessed it, it

filters the pollen – so a great plus for us hay fever sufferers.  Your car can keep out the pollen!  If, like me you suffer, then maybe you’re thinking … “wow when I get it bad – I should live in my car! Maybe sleep in there??

If you are wondering about this filter, we do check it at most services, but if you are unsure or you haven’t had your car serviced in a while, please call for advice.

4)     Does your interior smell when the Air Con is on?

A stuffy smell?  If so, it could be the ‘Evaporator’ is contaminated with bacteria.  This is the part of the air con that is inside the car, the part cooling the air.   Sounds yuck! – but it is like the back of a fridge, bacteria can grow and cause an unpleasant smell.

This is treated simply and effectively by us using a deodorising process.  Contact me for details, it’s simple and inexpensive and will ensure you breathe afresh again!

Lastly, one piece of advice…

As you can imagine this time of the year we get very busy with AC problems.  Many are the result of the system just being neglected.  People choose not to use their AC all year round, they use it one week of the year, in a heat wave and wonder why it doesn’t work very well. Or, they never have it serviced and re gassed.

I could bore you with the why’s and where fores but simply your AC needs a service like the rest of your car, albeit every 2 to 3 years.  So next time you are booking your car in for a service ask for an Air Con service too.

Keep Cool!

Mike Field

A Summers Day at Field’s Car Centre   

Advice on your Air conditioning            June 2020

It’s summer time in Woking and the sun is shining and that means down at Field’s it goes something like this…

Ring Ring ……  “Hello, Field’s Car Centre, how can I help you?”

Caller               “My Air Conditioning doesn’t work”

Field’s              “Ok, when was the last time you used it?”

Caller               “Oh! I used it last Summer of course”

Field’s              “***********”  (not repeatable)


What we are finding is, in the terms of servicing, this is one of the most neglected parts of the car.  Some people just ignore it all year, never use it until we have a heat wave and then wonder why it doesn’t work efficiently.

If I can give you one piece of advice it is this …. You need to use your air conditioning all year round, and not just in June! Why?

Well, here’s the boring, technical bit …. Air Conditioning systems rely on oil lubrication to function effectively along with the Air Con gas.

Imagine that you never change the oil in your car and haven’t run the engine for most of the year, would you expect it to start and run efficiently?

So many Air Conditioning problems experienced are a result of service neglect and lack of use.  The cost of subsequent repair is often prohibitively expensive for many people.

I know it’s another thing to worry about and also to have serviced but if you don’t….£££!

Air Conditioning in cars is fairly new to many of us ‘older’ drivers but it is now just about standard on all cars – so to help you I want to clear up some of the ‘myths’ and ‘old wives’ tales’ about Air Conditioning.


  • “Using it costs more in fuel!” Perhaps this was true many years ago but systems are so efficient now that it is negligible.  If you open the windows or sunroof you will actually cause more drag and then increase fuel consumption.Shut the windows and enjoy the cleaner, cooler, de-humidified air!  So, if you have air conditioning in your car – use it!


  • “You should only use in the summer” – A lot of cars now operate the air conditioning automatically but for those of you who can switch it on or off it should be used all year round.  In the winter the de-humidified air clears the misted screen in seconds.  The air is also cleaner because it is filtered.


  • “If it doesn’t work, I can just ignore it – it’s not necessary” – This was once the case but modern technology (don’t you just love the way it creeps into all our lives now?),now links the air conditioning system to the whole management system of the car, in simple terms if it should stop working it will have to be repaired, otherwise the car will just not run! Simples!


Lastly, what if your air con appears to be less efficient?

It could be that it has deteriorated through a natural loss of gas.  It can lose up to 50% of gas in a year.  Incidentally even newer cars can deteriorate very early in their life due to the fact that manufacturers may ‘under fill’ them from new, to save a bit of cash on parts.  Yes they do – meanies!

We can do an Air Con temperature check and assess its performance.  Remember it could be that its just too darn hot and it can’t keep up with the British heat waves!

Our climate, being so variable, is the worst for Air Conditioning, we just don’t use it regularly.  And with anything in life, if it’s not used it will deteriorate through lack of use!

So use it, enjoy it!

Mike Field


To MOT or not to MOT?
That is the question for some!

May 2020


There has been confusion out there about the current MOT situation during this Corona lock down.  As a way of easing movement the government has temporarily extended the MOT expiry date by 6 months, but only for some vehicles.

Now be warned, it is confusing and not straight forward.  It took us a while to get our heads round this!  (It was rather a ‘rushed through’ piece of legislation change!)
The first thing we noticed was:  No one’s expiry date is amended until 7 days before it expires!
This allows the government to revoke the extension at any time.  Sneaky eh? And… this is the biggy.  They will not be notifying you either.  It is up to you to check the Government site!  If you get it wrong then you will be blamed not them!
So you could be assuming that you do not need to have your MOT, this is then revoked and you will have just a few days, (along with thousands of others in the same boat) needing to urgently book an MOT!

What we need to point out is you can still have your vehicle MOT’d even if the date has changed.  You do not need to wait 6 months!  Also, if you usually have your service and MOT together do you really want to separate them now?

The MOT test is such a vital safety inspection.  We see countless vehicles come in for an MOT with ‘serious’ safety failings.  Right now some people are driving around for another 6 months in their dangerous vehicles!

Now the other worrying point is that the law has not changed, it still requires you and me to ensure that we are driving a roadworthy vehicle.  So we could end up being prosecuted if found to be driving an unsafe vehicle or our insurance could be void in the event of an accident.  It’s scary stuff!  Please think carefully!


May 2020 Charity fund raising!

Now for something completely different.

It has nothing to do with Covid, it’s not about cars, MOT’s or any work!  This is personal!

This is me running a half marathon, indoors on a tread mill and Stewart Newman, biking like crazy all in the aid of charity!

I have only ever run 10 km before, a half marathon is 21.09 km.  Started at 8:30am Sunday morning.  The first 10 km was pretty straight forward… got to 15 km and I could feel I was really lagging… the last few k’s were certainly the hardest but then my body seemed to know that the end was nigh and gave a final burst of energy and I accelerated for the last part!       More impressive though is Lynne’s son Stewart (Lynne has worked for Field’s for over 20 years).  Sadly Stewart suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident back in 2007, and is confined to a wheel chair

He uses a Motomed exercise bike each week day (he’s allowed a rest at the weekend!) but from the 30th April Stewart has been trying to clock up as many miles or km’s as he can. He ‘cycles’ for anything from an hour to two hours each day and has recorded 25km, 35.5km, 37.1km, 16km, 36km and today 37.6km.
We are both doing this with Woking’s ‘Welcome Church’, who have organised an ‘Around the World’ fund raiser to support the Woking based domestic violence charity  ‘YOUR SANCTUARY’.   During this time of Coronavirus Lockdown incidences of domestic violence have risen and at the same time charitable giving has fallen.  So the church wanted to do something that could really make a difference.
The plan is to use people’s daily exercise to go around the world in 6 weeks – a distance of 24,901 miles and to raise £24901 – £1 per mile.  So people, young and old are recording their exercise distance each day – walking, running, cycling, roller skating, scooting or on an exercise machine – however they like!  Not just church members but anyone from the community who wants to get involved can, to cover the distance right around the world!

At this time we are all suffering in different ways.  We can easily reduce our charity giving but if there is one lesson I have learnt in life, it is this:
“What you give, you seem to get back and in abundance, as what goes around, comes around”

If you were able to give any amount, you can at:

A huge THANK YOU to the numerous Field’s customers who already have!!




For those who want to know what’s going on under their bonnet!

Mike Field Nov 19

For the past few years I have been sending out fortnightly e mails to you, our customers, on motoring issues. Quite simply, I continue these as the feedback I get encourages me to write them still.
My aim is to offer my perspective on topics I think will be of benefit to you, as a motorist.
Over the next few weeks I am sending out on alternate Fridays an email on car repairs. What I want to do is offer more of an explanation on the common vehicle faults we encounter here at Fields.
What items wear? Why do they wear? Can you do anything to prevent them doing so?

I will also try to explain some of the jargon we mechanics use and demystify the language and terms we use. Terms like ‘CV boot’ and ‘lower arm bushes’ what the heck do they mean?
All professionals have their jargon. I do feel though sometimes we speak to customers about their car’s components with these odd terms and they really haven’t a clue what we are talking about! Sometimes it’s not easy to explain.
“Just fix my car and tell me how much!” is the answer we get …LOL

Maintaining a car can be costly with the repair bills. Sometimes a little more knowledge can help ease this. I’m calling these emails ‘What’s under my bonnet!’ This is the first one…..


Most cars now have ‘brake pads’. In the past they had brake ‘shoes’ but largely these have been phased out as the pad system is far more efficient.
The easiest way to explain this is to

show you the difference between a new brake pad and an old one as in the photo above. Very simply when you hit the brake pedal these ‘pads’ move out to press against the brake discs and that in turn stops the car. At service we check the pad condition for wear and try to estimate how long a life they have before they need changing.
You have these front and rear on the car, however front pads will tend to wear quicker as your braking is done by the front brakes.

How often do they need replacing?
A lot depends on how you drive and how hard you brake! The idiot thrashing around Woking, slamming on his brakes will get his comeuppance when new brakes will be required a lot sooner than normal!
Heavy, larger vehicles would tend to wear more quickly as often do Automatic cars where driver braking techniques can have an effect on wear.
Some vehicles have a warning system to alert you as they wear down. Others, nothing to warn you before it’s too late! This is why regular servicing is important.
The ‘pad’ works with other brake mechanisms, especially the condition of the discs which they work with to stop you.

You can see in this picture the difference between old and new discs. Most of the time we recommend that the pads and discs are replaced together. To replace pads on their own often causes

judder issues and noises (see below), plus they will no doubt wear quicker as the pad works with an old disc. I guess I would like to get 25,000 miles or so out of a new set of pads and discs.

Brake noises:
Often one complaint of a brake noise is a high pitched screeching. This may not mean they are worn out, it is often caused by rusted discs or a build up of dust from the pads.
You may have also heard a grinding/graunching sound as you or someone else brakes, this may be caused by worn brake pads. Pads have a friction material, that if left to wear out it will expose the metal of the pad causing them to grate into the discs.

We have seen ones so bad that the pad has come off the car or as the picture shows, broken up. A serious safety concern!
Alternatively it could be just a stone caught up (boy that can be loud!) or just a build up of dust.

A common problem is experiencing a judder through the brake pedal as you brake. Discs can overheat, warp or wear which translate to this juddering.

My last comment is that modern braking systems now encompass electric control. Oh yes, it’s getting more and more complicated! You will notice that the old style of hand brake we used to have to yank upwards slowly disappear as it is replaced with an electric control. All well and good but it creates more things to go wrong as well! Progress!

Any concerns you have now or in the future, brakes are one of those safety items you cannot compromise with, so never hesitate to ask our advice.

Safe driving

Mike Field

The Awards Night in December

Dec 2017

I will tell you more about our night but first let me take you back if I may.  Richard, my brother and I started FCC back in 1981. The business grew over the years and believe it or not we still have some of those original customers who came to us when we started. So many thanks to you for the support over 36 years now.

In 1995 we entered a Motor Trade Award for the Auto Trade Magazine. It was our first venture into the world where we had to compete against other garages, some very notable companies I will add. Back then we had the great experience and accolade of winning ‘Independent small Garage of the Year’ 1995 in Birmingham. Fast forward to 2005 and we tried again. This time we were runners up at the ‘Motortrade Awards’, Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane. A good experience but we came away disappointed we had not won.  But in these awards you are up against some very impressive businesses.

We stepped back from this world of competitions and concentrated on FCC growth. However this year, Richard decided the time was right to try again. We entered for two awards, ‘Car Dealer’ magazine ‘Service and Repair Outlet of the Year’ and ‘Workshop’ magazine ‘Independent Garage of the Year’.

On a cold wet November night we arrived at The Brewery in London for the awards evening. Little did we know what was in store for us. As the names of the five finalists were read out I thought we might get a “Highly Commended” mention but when we weren’t among those I thought we were going home early. So it was to our amazement when Mike Brewer announced the winner as Fields Car Centre of Woking.

We did the Double!

This is going to sound like it’s easy to win such recognition … but believe me it’s not!  Once again in the same venue we were left feeling stunned at what we had achieved. Having been awarded ‘Service and Repair outlet of the Year’ in one award ceremony, we suspected there may be a sense this time of ‘sharing it out’.  Meaning another deserving garage would win this accolade. In other words having won one award, we wondered if that might count against us … but NO!

Field’s Car Centre won ‘Independent Garage of the Year – Southern England’.  You are going to get sick of me saying this but we really are speechless.  Amazed!

We have been here before and gone home empty handed, the competition is very strong for these awards.  But 2017 was to be our year to do the ‘Double’:

  • ‘Service and Repair outlet of the Year’, Southern England
  • ‘Independent Garage of the Year, Southern England’

Some of you have asked us how we were chosen, what were the judges looking for?  Well check out the videos taken, where one of the judges explains why we were chosen.

Why two awards?

The motor trade has several magazines that service our industry.  They each run their own individual awards.  We entered for the ‘Car Dealer Magazine’ Service and Repair outlet of the year award and also ‘Workshop Magazine’ Independent Garage of the Year.  You know the old adage… ‘You wait all day for a bus and then two come along’ well, that’s how it was for us.

A special moment

The extra special moment for us was something I noticed when we went to collect our award.  We mounted the stage to receive our award from Formula One motor racing legend Johnny Herbert.  Then as we came off the stage to walk to our seats, one table of guests rose to give us a standing ovation.

So what a year!

A huge thank you, to you our customers, without your support and ‘feedback comments’ we would not have won these awards.  Thank you SO much. So many of you have offered your congratulations but do you know what has meant the most?… It’s when people, like you not only say “Congratulations” but then add “You deserved it!”  To hear this means so much to us, we can win in life, in all sorts of areas, but when someone says ” Yes you deserved to win!”  that’s special! And of course to our staff … What a Team! How proud we are of them!

The most appalling smell I have ever encountered in the garage!

A while back a car was in the garage for an MOT and a Service.  When it was driven in to the workshop the guys started making noises about the smell coming from the car.
“Whimps” I thought, “Just get on with the job and stop moaning!”
But then tucked away in my back office, here at Field’s, the ‘smell’ started to permeate into my domain. “What is that smell?”  It was the most foul odour – ‘had the car come off a farmyard?’

The smell seemed to reach every part of the garage and soon every one was protesting. Keith, our MOT tester, managed to do the test without passing out. Then Graeme, our old hand here, offered to service it, but first he was determined to work out ‘where that smell was coming from!’

Much to our amazement the customer had made no mention. Now some of us here have been working around cars for decades, we should have realised straight away.  Graeme soon rooted out the culprits…

The final clear out!
The stash
Little mouse hiding

Looking for an escape route

Mice – a whole family of them! They had nested in the panel below the windscreen, bedding and a winters food supply (stolen dog food)! They were there for the long haul! It turned out that the car had been ‘laid up’ and had been driven to us to be put back on the road.
We had to do something to get them out though.

Not an easy task as they were scurrying around all over the ‘under bonnet’ area and the dash. Mice can do no end of damage. I have had them in my garage at times and seen what they can do. In making a nest they can create havoc. We had a snooker table, ruined, where they had made holes in the green cloth and were nesting in the pockets!
In cars they will nest behind the dash, in the heater ducts and we even found one in the heater fan once. Some interior fans look like a hamster wheel. Think they soon found out it wasn’t! Mice will chew through the wiring, which can cause major headaches as often you just can’t see the damage. With modern electrics on cars, this is no small thing. Back to our family of mice, we sadly had to evict them from their home.

Not at all easy to do, with some very intensive cleaning the car was soon smell free. These are very cute fellas, but boy do they cause problems!

Safe Motoring this weekend
Mike Fields
01483 766634 [email protected] www.fields-carcentre.co.uk

Keeping your COOL!

The final part of our “Five things you need to check”

Now, I know some of you will be thinking…
“I will let my husband do these” or “I can’t be faffed to do it, I’d rather pay someone else to do!”
I want to encourage you by saying that they are really quite simple jobs to do, and as I have stressed these checks are really no big deal, it’s just a periodic check.

It’s just being sensible. Your car is a dangerous machine if not maintained properly, yes we play our part with servicing and doing the MOT for you but there is something about not being complacent and being in control. A little knowledge, as they say, goes a long way.




Washer Fluid


What I would suggest is that before you do any long run, do these 5 simple checks. It could save you a lot of potential inconvenience, hassle or even an accident. (I find that some people are really interested and others just glaze over and really aren’t bothered.)

If you are one of our lady customers you may be interested to know that we are running another of our ‘Ladies Nights’ in May. This is a great opportunity to come down and let us show you what we are referring to. Dates and info at the end of this e mail.

Brake Fluid and Antifreeze/Coolant

So, to the final two checks… and to be honest these are the ones, that if they do need attention you may need to pay us a visit! Both fluid levels are monitored by the cars’ warning system. That is to say, if the fluid level should drop, indicating a leak perhaps, then a warning light will show on the dash… you hope. That’s the theory. Of course ‘warning systems’ can malfunction or even ‘not work’!

“So why do I need to check the levels if the car has a warning system?”

Well firstly, we are asking you to open the bonnet to check oil levels and top up washer fluid, so whilst you are there you may as well cast your eye on two things. Remember what I said about warning systems sometimes not working, well this is playing it safe. They are easy and simple to check …. honestly!

As in these diagrams, most cars use a similar system. The brake fluid reservoir will have markings on the side showing min and max levels. Similarly the coolant bottle will have too.

The level should ideally be on max and certainly not near min. If it were then we would need to see what the reason was for this.

Brake Fluid is a hydraulic fluid used to operate the braking system. The level can sometimes drop a small amount as the brake linings wear down, this is normal and all that is required is a top up of the brake fluid. You can pass by here for us to do this for you or if you aren’t close by, pop into parts shop and ask for the correct fluid.
If it has dropped to the near the minimum mark this
could indicate a loss of fluid and could mean a leak that would put the car in a very vulnerable position.

Best get advice, call us, or if we are closed and you need immediate help, call your breakdown company.


For those confused between antifreeze and coolant, we are actually talking about the same thing. Engines need a coolant to ‘cool the engine down’. This coolant must have an antifreeze additive to stop it freezing in cold weather. Hence antifreeze is mixed with the water.
Should the coolant level drop slightly you can top it up with normal tap water. However, if you find it needs much more than a ‘top up’ we may need to check why. There may be a leak developing and if you have to ‘top up’ often with water the antifreeze strength will be diluted and not give the protection needed.

So, there we have it! Please remember if in doubt pass by here, we will happily check and top up. It’s all part of the service we give to look after you and your car.

So… here’s to keeping cool and slowing the pace down!

Have a great weekend
Mike Field.

PS: I mentioned earlier about our Ladies Night in May. Dates and information shown in picture…. well later in the year we are using this successful formula to open up the garage to New Drivers.

There is no age restriction, anyone of any age can come but specifically aimed at those who are new drivers or looking to learn to drive. No, it’s not a learn to drive course but an introduction for those new to car ownership. It will be an evening of demonstration as well as participation with an emphasis on fun too. Dates will follow soon.

News & Blogs

Another Field’s Car Centre Horror Story!

Every so often we get a car in for service and what we find horrifies us.  Usually it’s something that could be potentially lethal.

This vehicle came in for a routine service.  Now, look carefully, as our mechanic did and you will see a hairline crack in the alloy wheel.
The crack goes right through.  Imagine driving at 70mph one day, the crack widens, and then the wheel collapses!  Just think! Gulp! I have to give credit to our Graeme here, who spotted this, (I can say “Our Graeme” as he comes from up north!).  Graeme has been in the trade nearly as long as me. “So, he’s ancient then Mike?” No, it just means he is young looking and still has his hair, just like me! Lol!

Wheels are often very dirty, a crack can be easily hidden, older hands like Graeme’s are thorough, simple as that. They have seen everything before, nothing fazes them, nothing surprises them and nothing escapes their attention.  Mechanics need a sixth sense sometimes and the best of them, like Graeme have just that.

They know what to look for, they see things others may well miss, they are simply the top guys.
I often use the analogy comparing our guys with the Football Premier League.  You can play for Woking (no offence Woking players), that’s really good, but you are just a National League player.  Playing in the Premier League is the top of the tree.  The best of the best! I consider our team of mechanics and technicians are the Premier League guys.
Have a great weekend.

Mike Field
PS:  Spotting this could easily have saved a life.
Sometimes we all want to save a bit of money and so may choose what seems the ‘cheaper option’. We may miss a service or even go somewhere cheaper.  Well, I know who I would want to service my car.

A garage where women are not patronised

The car industry is failing women: that much we categorically know. Every customer survey, every “deep dive” into a huge data set of women drawn from Facebook, Mumsnet and other areas unconnected with the car world, returns the same findings: women are not marketed to, not recognised as a different buying demographic.

They are patronised or ignored or talked to in the sales showroom on the assumption that they then need to discuss a purchase with their husbands before making a decision. The vast majority of women feel 100 per cent disenfranchised from the buying process, despite having 85 per cent of the spending power.

A recent list published in Autocar magazine “celebrating” the top 100 women in the car industry showed how the industry is floundering: it was a navel-gazing look at jobs inside the industry for women, with categories such as the top female HR director and top female PR director, when it could have served its readers and the wider public better by celebrating the people who are actually doing something on the front line, to change the relationship between cars and the female public: social influencers, brand advisers, dealership managers, breakdown patrols.

Jack it up: Erin was among the 46 women at Field’s garage in Surrey

Last week, after 11 years as a motoring journalist, I found the person who has single-handedly caused the biggest shift in the link between women and cars.

His name is Richard Field, and he runs Field’s Car Centre in Woking, Surrey. If what follows seems like a big advert for one car garage, then good: they fully deserve it for ingenuity, kindness, honesty and a stroke of brilliance.

Because, one Thursday every month, they put on Ladies’ Night. Let us, for the sake of what follows, ignore the dreadful name for this event. The point is, it’s a free, two-hour session in which women learn about cars, ask all the stupid questions they want (“How do you open the bonnet?” was answered without a hint of a smirk) and get honest, kind, careful answers.

The idea came about after one woman turned up at the garage having put water in her brake fluid. It’s a complete no-brainer of a business move, too: women who come, and meet the friendly mechanics, are then far more likely to prove return customers, as well as spreading the word.

I went last week. The garage is not a swanky glass and metal dealership; it’s your average scruffy repair, servicing and MoT garage on a small trading estate; they also sell a few secondhand cars. Forty-five women joined me, and there’s a waiting list for each night. They were all ages – from 60-year-olds down to mums and their teenage daughters who had yet to pass their driving test. Seven welcoming mechanics waited in seven bays, and we split into groups that rotated round each bay. We had Gary on “awkward lights on dashboards”, Sal showing us how to change a wheel, Keith under a ramp pointing out MoT failures (“ladies like the idea of getting underneath Keith’s ramp”), Steve who’s normally on the phones but that night was explaining why a car needs to be serviced, how to check the oil and so on, another Gary on changing headlight bulbs, and Chris taking any questions at all, “although he doesn’t know about soufflés”.

Add in a raffle and a gift bag from Bose with sponges and tyre thread gauges in it, plus some cocktail sausages, crisps and soft drinks for all, and I had myself the finest, most useful, cheering, pleasant evening I’ve ever had in the car industry.

Next up, one woman pointed, out, it should be “Men’s Night”. We agreed they’d all turn up, but obviously no one would ask any questions.

Modern cars and Modern Technology, love it or hate it?

I’m going to be looking at some of the new features that are already on some cars now and most certainly you will encounter in the future. ‘Park Assist‘, ‘Lane Assist‘ the list goes on.

What are now on the more upmarket models are soon to be standard on the types of car that you and I drive. So what I thought would be helpful was a Field’s ‘simples’ guide to some of them. Explaining what they do and how they can easily be used. Cos believe me, some of them are not ‘simples’ to use!

Manufacturers are loading their cars with new features, useful things, safety features but some of them just won’t be utilised by you or me if we don’t have a clue how to use them.

When it comes to new technology, new gadgets, new gizmo’s, it seems there are two types of people.

One: Those who embrace all things new, they take time to learn and use. (Doesn’t it just annoy… how easy they find it to work the new TV remote!)

By the way Sky Q anyone? With that touch remote that goes all over the place, before you know it you’re recording all episodes of News at Ten or some dodgy programme that you have to delete quickly so the kids don’t see.

The cat sat on ours the other day whilst we were watching ‘Bake off’ and then we were suddenly watching something more like ‘Blast off’!


Two: Others fall into the ‘unless it’s dead simple and automatic’ category they are not interested. It’s just too darn complicated.

Take your mobile phone, how many apps do you use of the hundreds you have downloaded? How much of your phones’ capability do you use? Things that seemed a ‘good idea at the time’ often fall by the wayside when we attempt to use them.When we bought my wife’s BMW, like any good husband I pulled out the manual to have a read. I say a manual, it was more like BMW’s version of War and Peace! It’s massive, 600 pages and that doesn’t cover the phone and audio system. Two more books on that!

First problem was reading through all the spiel that was of no relevance. Next it was the warning system – do we really need 50 different warning symbols?

Second problem, is actually working out if your car has the bits it’s describing. “If fitted”, “fitted to some models only” or “optional extra”. There, I was getting all excited about “Windscreen display” and “Lane change assist” only to find out that our car does not have these!

But honestly, do they really expect us to read, understand and utilise even half the features! I’m in the know supposedly, and believe me, I’m confused at times.

Now I’m making a joke of all this but actually it’s a very important issue. Manufacturers spend millions on developing and implementing some features that will never get used. Some will never use ‘cruise control’, let alone ‘adaptive cruise control’ yet you know what these are not gimmicks when used correctly. They could prevent a speeding fine and on the ‘safety’ front, an accident. We will look at these in future e mails.

Many cars now come with Driver Modes! ‘Bad driver mode’ is mine apparently, according to the missus! If you haven’t encountered this, it means you can set your steering, suspension and gearbox to different driving styles or conditions.

Right now, some of your eyes are glazing over and for others they are lighting up!
‘Sport Mode’, ‘Comfort Mode’ ‘Economy Mode’ and the list goes on and on. Talk about have to make decisions! The trouble is when you start the car it doesn’t ask what mode you would like. It does not ask what your journey entails. It does not try to decide the best combination for your trip.

No, you get in your car and have to think! Today I feel like Lewis Hamilton, so it’s sports mode! One speeding ticket later, mmm that wasn’t such a good idea!

All these things sound good on paper and for ‘petrol heads’ (the name given to the Jeremy Clarkson types) but I guarantee 95% of drivers will never use these options, they just get in and drive… it’s called ‘Auto pilot mode’. And you know what, that suits me fine.

Have a great weekend


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