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Then read below our; SAFETY FIRST TYRE ADVICE




Why are they so important?
Well remember your tyres are all that’s between you and the ground!
Under or over inflated tyres will affect your car’s steering, road handling, cause uneven tyre wear, increase fuel consumption, increase stopping distances and not least, give you a poor ride.

But remember it is not just the legal tread depth to be concerned by.
We are increasing seeing the damage Pot holes can cause to tyres and wheels.
Bulges, tears and cuts in side walls caused by pot holes can be difficult to spot.
These may cause the risk of a blow out.
If you at all concerned let us do a full inspection.
We can also give you advice on all tyre related issues such as wheel balancing and alignment.

(Tyre pressure monitoring systems)
Most cars now come with a tyre pressure monitoring system. This is designed to alert the driver if any tyre pressure has dropped. This could indicate a puncture.
If your warning light illuminates, check each tyre for pressure.
Small differences can be rectified. Significant variation suggests an air leak requiring further investigation.

Re-setting the warning light:
Check your handbook, after the pressures have been adjusted, for the procedure.

Tyres that you can still drive on, even if deflated.
An increasing number of cars have these safety tyres fitted. The side walls are designed to allow you to continue to drive, all be it at a reduced speed, even if you have a puncture.
Proceed to get the tyre checked as soon as able.
Unfortunately manufactures do not authorise repairs to Run flat tyres,
If you have run flat tyres you must replace them like for like


WHEEL BALANCING: Problem: Wheel or car vibration, Steering wobble.

Cause and Solution:
If you can feel vibration through the steering, a wobble perhaps, then it is more than likely one of your wheels is out of balance. Wheels need to be balanced for any variation in the wheel’s weight. Balance weights are applied to compensate for this.

If you experience such, then it is not only important to check the wheels balance, but its condition along with the tyre condition. Steering, suspension, hub components and wheel fixtures should all be examined for condition. Wear in these can often be perceived as a wheel problem.

If a tyre is changed or removed for any reason then the wheel must be rebalanced.

WHEEL ALIGHMENT: Problem: Vehicle ‘Pulls or wanders’.

Cause and solution:
Wheel alignment refers to the angle and direction at which the tyres are designed to be set. If you experience the car appearing to ‘wander’ or ‘pull’ to one side as you drive. The chances are the tyres are out of alignment. This effects road holding, fuel consumption but mostly importantly it wears the tyres unevenly.
You want your tyres to wear evenly across the surface, giving you the best life span available. Incorrect alignment causes the effect of a ‘drag’ on one edge. So the tyre wears down on that one side. Result; tyre life is greatly reduced!
See our section on WHEEL ALIGHNMENT for more details.

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Chris our workshop manager making the lads tea? Now thats a rare sight!Week ahead at Field’s we have some spaces for Service, Mot and repair work.Air conditioning not feeling as chilled? Get in touch now.For any advice or help if Chris has time to make tea he can make time for you!Book on line now www.fields-carcentre.co.uk or call 01483766634.


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