Wheel Alignment

Does your Car wander or pull to one side?

Then it sounds like the Wheel Alignment may need adjustment. Wheel Alignment refers to the angle and direction at which the tyres are designed to be set. Sometimes called ‘ toe in or ‘toe out’, this is the manufactures specification for your vehicle.

If you experience the car appearing to ‘wander’ or ‘pull’ to one side as you drive. The chances are the tyres are out of alignment. This effects road holding, fuel consumption but mostly importantly it wears the tyres unevenly. You want your tyres to wear evenly across the surface, giving you the best life span available.

Incorrect alignment causes the effect of a ‘drag’ on one edge. So the tyre wears down on that one side. Result; tyre life is greatly reduced!

There are other other factors such as camber & castor angles which refer to the angle of the wheel themselves. Some cars have rear wheel adjustments as well, just to complicate things further! Concerns here require a more involved full four wheel alignment.

Wheel Balance

Often confused with Wheel Alignment. If you experience a vibration through the steering then it is likely you have a wheel imbalance. Small weights are fixed to the wheel rims to rectify this. We can re-balance you wheels if this the case.

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