Car Servicing

Is it really necessary and what do you do?

1. Cars need regular maintenance: that means the oil, filters, fluids all need changing. Safety items like brakes also wear out and need replacement. Some cars have a warning system to alert you when this is needed but they do not cover all components so visual regular checks are necessary.

2. It is also preventative maintenance. Just as we all need some care and preventative medication so it is with our cars. It really will encourage your car to be more reliable and reduce the chance of a breakdown.

3. Servicing highlights any current problems and potential future issues. This enables us to help you to budget ahead. We work with you and advise honestly on any work required, costing it and only doing what we have talked through with you and what you have authorised.

When should I have it serviced?

1. Car manufacturers vary as to the time and mileage intervals for vehicle servicing. Most cars now have ‘dash service warning lights’ that come on to indicate that a service interval is due.

2. If you have a service book the details of the service schedule will be in there. Hopefully the service history will have been kept up to date. We would check this and any past history to establish, based on past servicing, mileage and age what service is now required and advise accordingly.

Can you service my vehicle?

Even if your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty you can have it serviced by us without invalidating the warranty. European Law now upholds your right to take your car where you choose for servicing, so long as original equipment parts are used and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer schedules. Our stamp in your service book upholds your warranty. So no! You do not have to take your car to the main dealer!

Isn’t a service the same as an MOT?

In the MOT we check and test a set list of items mainly related to safety. But it is very limited in its scope, for example we are not allowed to remove the wheels to check brakes, or carry out more thorough checks. Nothing is replaced or changed. A service however is about the long term health, safety and care of your car. So make sure you get a regular service as well as an MOT

Servicing Advice

1. A car gets older, invariably we will need more ‘maintenance’ and so it is with cars. Often the recommended service intervals may have been appropriate for the car in its early years, but as the mileage has increased, long service intervals can mean that potential problems are not recognised early enough.

2. The amount of mileage you do in a year may vary greatly from the recommended service mileage interval. You may cover a huge mileage in a year or be the total opposite and do only short runs to the shops.

We carry out different service schedules according to your vehicles needs based on age and the mileage you accrue.

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